Bland-Altman/Tukey Mean-Difference Plots using ggplot2

A very useful data visualisation tool in science, particularly in medical and sports settings, is the Bland-Altman/Tukey Mean-Difference plot. When comparing two sets of measurements for the same variable made by different instruments, it is often required to determine whether the instruments are in agreement or not. Correlation and linear regression can tell us something… Continue reading Bland-Altman/Tukey Mean-Difference Plots using ggplot2


ggplot2 style plotting in Python

R is my language of choice for data science but a good data scientist should have some knowledge of all of the great tools available to them. Recently, I have been gleefully using Python for machine learning problems (specifically pandas and the wonderful scikit-learn). However, for all its greatness, I couldn't help but feel it… Continue reading ggplot2 style plotting in Python