Predicting the Zakopane 2017 men’s ski jumping competition

When I was a young boy with a wild imagination, I used to try my hand at numerous sports ranging from tennis to gaelic footbal to soccer, each with varying degrees of success. Living in the countryside throughout my childhood, a big garden allowed me to construct vivid simulations of soccer championships (crowd and all)… Continue reading Predicting the Zakopane 2017 men’s ski jumping competition


IMDB Movie Analysis

Movies of late haven't impressed (this viewer anyhow) and I keep finding myself returning to classics of the 1980's and 1990's to get my movie fix. While browsing through Kaggle datasets, I came across the IMDB 5000 Movie Dataset which contains data on over 5000 movies scraped from the IMDB website. I dove into the… Continue reading IMDB Movie Analysis